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Mary Ann Wolf, PhD: Parent, Educator, and Leader

Education is part of who I am and how I think. My mom was a kindergarten teacher, and I taught 5th grade before working with districts and schools in all 50 states for the past 20 years. I have spent years advocating for public education in Washington, DC, while also spending many days guiding educators, principals, district leaders, and superintendents in their work to improve education. My own three children have and continue to attend elementary, middle, and high schools in our district. I am excited about how we can continue to improve our schools to meet the needs of every student.

I believe that every child comes to us at an early age eager to learn. Building upon the strengths in our schools, we must ensure that every child in our district has the opportunities and pathways to reach his or her potential. I believe in:

  • Personalization: Each student has unique strengths, learning differences, and interests. We need to understand their individual needs and support their growth and engagement.

  • Preparation: Our graduates will go into very different jobs and careers than currently exist. We need to make sure that they learn to think critically and adapt to their changing world.

  • Public Education: Public education is the backbone of our community and economy. We need to advocate for and support our schools and teachers to help them help our children reach their potential every day.


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